Please see our 2018 Registration Newsletter for the 2018 – 2019 school year.  The purpose of this newsletter is to introduce you to the philosophy, programs, and general administrative policies of St. Michael preschool programs as well as to inform you of our registration process.

We provide a caring environment where children grow socially, emotionally, mentally, creatively, and spiritually.  In this Catholic preschool, children discover their inherent goodness and how God is part of their everyday lives.

Tips for St Michael Parishioners

St. Michael Parishioners sign in using your email and St. Michael account password. You will have an opportunity to reset your password if you have forgotten it. Select the child(ren) from your account you wish to enroll and proceed through application.

If you need to add family members to your account email to request family update.

Tips for Non-Parishioners or Parishioners without a St Michael Account

If you do not have a St Michael account, you will sign in as a guest. After you have completed your application you will have the opportunity to create an account if you wish.

When completing the application be sure to complete the application by selecting “I am registering someone else” not “I am registering myself”. (You are registering your child / someone else, not yourself.)

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