Developmental Kindergarten

Preschool Developmental Kindergarten

Five Day (M-F) – Five (5) years old by 10/31/2018

The Developmental Kindergarten program offers a “kinder, gentler” approach for children who need an extra year to grow before entering a full day kindergarten. The class is designed to provide and additional year of preparation before Kindergarten for child who perhaps just makes the cut-off for Kindergarten or is not quite ready for the rigor of a full day kindergarten program

This program encourages children to look for peer relationships, to play cooperatively with others as well as alongside them, to share, contribute and interact with others in a group, to explore and to create!  At the same time the children’s confidence and self-esteem are strengthened. Programs consist of a vast array of thematic units that concentrate on continuing to develop social skills while introducing kindergarten readiness skills. We use a multisensory approach to handwriting and teachers encourage children to be curious in a fun, exciting, and developmentally appropriate way.

The luxury of five days affords the teacher the opportunity to more fully explore each unit with the children. Teachers encourage readiness to learn and question, utilization of the children’s developing sense of responsibility and their abilities for imaginative play, dramatic play, construction, and simple games.  The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between the 4 year old preschool curriculum and the rigors of Kindergarten so that the leap between preschool and Kindergarten can be more gradual.

To learn more about the developmental objectives of this curriculum, click here.

Typical Day

All classes are organized to incorporate a variety of activities. The following schedule reflects a typical day at the preschool.

9:30 Free-Play: Children select from a variety of self-directed activities.

9:45 Circle Time: The children gather for prayer and welcome. The teacher introduces the theme and centers for the day.

10:00 Centers: Children work in small groups as they engage in teacher-guided and self-directed activities.

11:00 Playground

11:30 Snack

11:45 Creative Music & Movement: The class participates in Music & Movement activities including songs, finger plays, gross motor skills and fitness

12:15 Storytime/Closing Circle: Time used to develop language and listening skills.

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