Our Preschool

St. Michael Preschool provides a safe and loving environment where the development of the whole child and the joy of learning is nurtured through socialization and play as we grow in our love of Jesus.



Dear Parents,

Welcome to St. Michael Preschool! Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gift- your children. As parents, you are their primary teachers. As Catholic preschool educators, we also play an important role in your children’s lives. Our goal is to help them prepare for formal education by nurturing the joy of learning in a safe and loving environment where they can grow in their love of Jesus. 

God has made all children unique and special. The teachers at St. Michael Preschool strive to bring out the uniqueness in every child. We recognize that children whose basic emotional, social, spiritual, and physical needs are met and nurtured through the preschool years will be ready and eager to learn the academics in elementary school. Consequently, the curriculum for each age level is comprised of thematic units utilizing age-appropriate content and materials that allow children to experience success through self-initiated investigations, socialization, and play. Through rich meaningful experiences, your children will build their self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of wonder about the world around them.

It is through a strong home-school connection that we can foster the best start for your children. We accept the responsibility to keep you informed of the learning readiness concepts and skills being taught. Furthermore, parent participation is encouraged and welcomed as we work together to support the preschool’s mission.

Thank you again for entrusting your children’s very special years to us. The teachers and I are looking forward to a wonderful year.


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