Tuition and Fees

Tuition is a yearly fee, payable as follows:

  • Payment in full by June 5, or
  • One-half payment by June 5, and one-half by December 5, or
  • Ten monthly payments occurring June through April (There is no July payment)
  • Tuition can be paid online


St. Michael Preschool offers a quality, faith-filled early childhood education while running a balanced budget, not-for-profit program. The 2021-2022 preschool tuition rate changes reflect a commitment to our experienced and dedicated teachers and provides them with a cost-of-living adjustment. Also, the adjusted steward tuition will bring this discounted rate in-line with other preschools. These changes were the result of thoughtful discussion and collaboration with our pastor, Fr. Michael Burbeck, and the St. Michael Church Finance Council who have unanimously approved these changes for the next school year.

Transitional Kindergarten or Five-Day 4’s (M-F)

Full tuition: $3595/yr.              Steward Rate: $3235.50/yr.

4-Day Four-Year-Old Program (M-TH)

Full tuition:  $2880/yr.             Steward Rate: $2592.00/yr.

4-Day Three-Year-Old Program (M-TH)

Full tuition: $3440/yr.              Steward Rate: $3096.00/yr.

3-Day Three-Year-Old Program (M/W/F)

Full tuition: $2585/yr.              Steward Rate: $2326.50/yr.

2-Day Three-Year-Old Program (T/TH)

Full tuition: $1725/yr.              Steward Rate: $1552.50/yr.

2-Day Two-Year-Old Program (M/W or T/TH)

Full tuition: $2040/yr.             Steward Rate: $1836.00/yr.

The Stewardship Tuition Rate is granted by St. Michael Church. Interested parishioners should visit our website to learn more and complete an application. 

Extended Day Fees

Early Arrival / Lunch  Monthly Commitment Discounted Rate – $6.00 / per session

Early Arrival / Lunch Daily Drop-in Rate – $7.00 / per session

Adventure Camp Rate – $13.00 / per session


Limited needs-based scholarships may be available for children who would be unable to attend the program for financial reasons. To discuss or obtain an application, please contact the director at (919) 468-6110 or email Lisa Ciesla at

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