Catholic Stewardship

Click to Apply for the Stewardship Tuition Rate

The Catholic Steward Tuition Rate is designed to support Catholic families in our parish community through a tuition discount.  Catholic Steward families are those who are dedicated to raising their children in the Catholic faith and are active in the parish community.  Active families attend Sunday Mass regularly and serve in the community through the gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Applications are accepted from St. Michael the Archangel Parish Families applying for the Stewardship Tuition Rate at the following schools:  St. Michael Preschool, St. Michael School, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Other Catholic Schools. 

Before completing the below application linked, please review the Guidelines for Stewardship 

St. Michael Catholic families applying for Catholic Steward Tuition must complete our St. Michael Parish Stewardship Application form online. The on-line application form can be found above. 

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